Galaxy Print

Due to websites like tumblr and pinterst i’ve recently become addicted to galaxy prints (the background of our blog is just one example). Kipling came out with a kids backpack style bag with a galaxy print last year but its evolved and smaller websites and sellers have picked up on it. I looked around and found a few places selling some beautifully printed clothes.

ShadowplayNYC- This a small brand on etsy who will ship to anyway, the prices are quite variable but the prints are gorgeous and easy to wear.

To buy-

BohoJane- This is another etsy shop focusing on as possibly guessed by the name more bohemian clothing


Youreyeslie- This is an English online brand most of the clothes lie around the £30-£40 mark and are all digitally printed designs and cater for both woman and men-


LaLa Love London- Another of my favourites and based in East London is Lalalove London whose stall Morgan and I found in an indoor market just of brick lane, their website is coming soon but for now here’s a link to their Facebook page which is regularly updated-

Hope you like some of the websites, and if your artsy why not DIY it, or get it printed. Here’s a few more pictures that I couldn’t not share!

Charlotte x


2 responses to “Galaxy Print

  1. Ingrid Olbrei

    hey (: i love your blog its amazing! but i was just wondering wear can i buy these : xx

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